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We kill time. We save time. We rob and get robbed of time, we lose time, and we have all the time in the world. But no one of us is powerful enough to stop the march of time or slow it down. ActiTime One thing we all have in common is time: rich, poor, …

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A Great Life Doesn’t Happen By Accident. Deliberate, Intentional Living Is The Only Way To Get There. Jude M. King, PhD Something is urgent when it requires immediate attention. Urgent stuff catch your attention and pressure you. The trap is that many of them are easy, or funny, or popular, but they are unimportant. Something …

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A wellness approach to a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the present, and process of becoming who you are “Numb the dark and you numb the light.”  ― Brené BrownSometimes we are too afraid to face reality, enjoy the process, or enjoy the present. Instead, we occupy our minds with future delights, numbing any present comfortability we …

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