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Get Back at it

A thousand times life may bring you to your knees But as long as you have breath, get back at it Fight to finish your race though your body and mind seize True happiness and victory are embedded in endurance.  Commit. You may stop to let the hurt and heartbreak fly with the breeze Don’t …

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I woke up in the morning and wished for a sunny dayBut the day was gloomy and cold, and I sigh and huffThen I caught a thought which says growth takes place in darknessTherefore, let the gloomy days spur growth for my soul I woke up in the morning and prayed for a happy dayBut …

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The lens of fear magnifies the size of uncertainty. Charles Swindoll I wake up in the morning like any other day. I am feeling great and ready to conquer my day as usual, flowing in the rhythm of my daily routine and enjoying the quietness that surrounds me. I drop the kids at the bus …

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