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The world expects me to choose my genreBut like jazz music, I can’t be tamed into uniformity The world wants me to wear a label and create a personaBut like jazz, my improvisation yields spontaneity The world wants me to remain the same for the sake of comfortBut like jazz, I continue to evolve and …

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Use 2020 as your excuse to start again or do something different. Do not let fear, doubts or insecurities hold you down. Only when we are no longer afraid, do we begin to live. Dorothy Thompson Not Good Enough Many a time, the feeling of “not good enough” finds a way of crippling our minds, …

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To beginand there is so much to forgive:for one, your parents, one and two,out of whose dim haphazard couplingyou sprang forth roaring, indignantly alive.For this, whatever else followed,innocent and guilty, forgive them.If it is day, forgive the sunits white radiance blinding the eye;forgive also the moon for dragging the tides,for her secrets, her half heart …

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