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Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. Oh, how great it is to be able to recognize and know the goodness and mercy of God in and through all things. This year makes it even harder to see the goodness and mercy of God because of everything that is …

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Happiness means realizing possibility, which teaches us about our nature, and challenges us to respect, support, and nurture it, not just in ourselves, but in all. Anger means the deprivation of possibility, which teaches us emptiness, and orients us towards fullness. And sadness means losing possibility, which teaches us fragility, and gives us strength. And …

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By definition, anxiety and hope are both determined by a moment that has yet to arrive. I’m a walking cabinet of dread and desire, and when I ignore these feelings they usually come out sideways and manifest in negative ways like resentment, defensiveness, procrastination, or projection onto others. Pinning down our hopes and uncertainties in …

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