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My First Love

I’ve searched beyond human habitat, for someone like you
But none could fill my heart and soul like only you could do
I chased knowledge, read many books, to fill the empty space
But none can hold my interest, none could take your place
I’ve seen the wisdom this world offers. It couldn’t fill me, left me empty
I pursued the things the world had promised would ever make me happy
Yet it vanishes like mist in the light of morning sun
Only your endless joy can calm my storm of emotions

Now I return to you feeling as though I never left before
I promise you undying love from here to eternity forever more
Like Gomer and Hosea, you chose me first and I turned my back
You welcome me with your faithfulness and your mercy never lacks
To whom shall I compare your beauty, beyond the reach of the stars in the sky
Oh my first love, let my heart seek you as David did, unyielding until you’re nigh

Gratitude, Grateful, Thank You

I’m Grateful For All Your Support

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” G.K. Chesterton

I’m grateful for all the support, all the friendships and connections I get from this platform which makes the art of living more enjoyable and doable. Life is about finding and making meaningful connections with others.

New Beginnings

I am writing this post to thank you all for all your support and friendship. Starting from the first person that followed my blog to the last person and to my future followers. I do not take your support for granted even though I may not have expressed it enough. I am writing this post to inform you all that I will be changing the name of the blog from EatDelight3 to the “Art Of Living” (Through A Christian Perspective or Lens).

I will be posting food on my Instagram, you can follow me on Instagram for more posts about food.

You all make this journey worth traveling. Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart. I embarked on this journey one year ago, when my life needed a shift in perspective. So many things were happening at once – some within my control and others seemed to be out of my control. Life experience has taught me always to change my perspective by looking at things through another lens. Blogging gave me the chance to see gratitude in unpleasant circumstances. While I am still yet an amateur, I am grateful for the opportunity and the chance to explore and express my creativity. And it is all because of you guys

“In ordinary life, we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Change Is The Only Permanent Thing In Life

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. – Havelock Ellis. I named my blog EatDelight3 because I believe that people need to feed their bodies, spirits, and mind with delightful stuff. I am a big foodie and cooking is very therapeutic to me. But as time went on I began blogging about other topics, which prompted me to start rethinking what I truly want to blog about. Many of you, or at least some of you, notice that I do not focus on one niche. I am still figuring out life and I have a wide variety of interests, and that’s why it only makes sense that I change the name of my blog to match my passion while fulfilling my commitment to you guys.

You’re More Than Just Numbers

I do not see my followers as numbers when I look at my stats. I see my own community members, and each represents a beautiful soul already blooming or ready to bloom. My utmost desire is to be able to add value, sharing my life experience, wisdom, passions, joy, pain, happy moments, fun, etc. while exploring the “Art Of Living “

Welcome on board beloved people and let’s ride together. Although the road may be smooth or bumpy, we’ll reach our destination by God’s grace.

Thank you all and I wish you God’s richest blessings and protection through this season and throughout your life.

~ Marie Cook


“Self-Care is how you take your power back.” – Lalah Delia

Self-care is especially important during this time of quarantine.  You must guard your mind and monitor your self-talk, because A man is not what he thinks, but what he thinks, he is” – Norman Vincent Peale. As you are taking care of others, spare time to take care of yourself. Your mental health matters a lot. We can rarely choose our circumstances in life, but we can learn healthy ways of choosing our thoughts. Practical Self-Care routines can help put our thoughts in perspective and manage stress. You can still maintain a Wellness lifestyle while practicing self-quarantine.

“There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves and remember that it is enough to be taken care of by myself.” ~Brian Andreas

Mindfulness: A simple practical form of mindfulness is paying attention to activities such as eating or brushing your teeth in the morning. This will help you switch from autopilot to engaging your senses.

Playtime: Just goof around and be spontaneous to interrupt your thought patterns, especially if you are prone to negative thoughts during this quarantine period. For example, 5 to 10 minutes per activity and many sessions.

Start A New Habit: Engage your brain by doing something new to keep your mind youthful and active. Let the new habit become a routine, for example, writing a love note to yourself every night before bedtime

Become A Handyman: Look for annoying or nagging projects in your home and try to work on it for 15 to 30 minutes per day. Your brain loves small challenging projects and releases happy hormones when attempting and finishing them. It is an unusual kind of self-care but the results are very rewarding and can improve your wellness or mental health.

Mini-Meditation: Take time to pause and indulge in self-awareness of your inner thoughts, feelings, emotions, and your physical surroundings for 5 to 10 minutes daily. Remember to keep a small record on your phone, nothing major. Start with a deep breath in and out, and end with a deeper more relaxing breath. Self-care cannot be completed without paying attention to your mental and emotional health.

Me Time: There is no better time to schedule “me time” than during this quarantine period. Do one simple thing that makes you happy: watching tv, reading a novel, taking a hot or cold shower.

Declutter: Use this time to declutter. A clean and organized environment promotes mental clarity. You can break it down into smaller projects, nothing overwhelming. Remember it is self-care, learn to enjoy it and not dread it.

“Do something nice for yourself today. Find some quiet, sit in stillness, breathe. Put your problems on pause. You deserve a break.” ― Akiroq Brost.

Unplug Social Media/ Devices: Turn everything off for one to two hours daily. Imagine yourself living in the garden of Eden, surrounded by natural beauty

Meaningful Connection: Remember that self-quarantine is about “Physical Distancing” and not “Social Distancing.” You still need some connection, because human beings are social beings “Everything about us  – our brains, our minds, and our bodies – is geared toward collaboration in social systems” (Bessel Van Der Kolk). We thrive when we have support systems of people who love and care about us.

Food Choices / Diet: I know it is a hard time to be picky, but your food affects your mood, mental wellness, sleep, and even how you interact with others. Brain, Mind, and Body have a connection that your food intake can affect (Bessel Van Der Kolk in his book “The Body Keeps The Score”). If possible, rotate your meal plans and include a lot of vegetables and fruits

Take Naps: Take short naps and rest your mind for 10 to 20 minutes. Or just lay down and close your eyes, relax, and refresh.

Reading: There is no better time than now to read non-academic material. Read books, articles, or magazines that rejuvenate you, or make you laugh so hard that you forget all the worry of this season.

Writing: Write 10 to 30 minutes per day. Writing to yourself will help you to understand your inner thoughts or feelings. “When you reread what you wrote, you often discover surprising truths” (Bessel Van Der Kolk). Writing can be very therapeutic. Therefore, writing is a great tool for self-care.

Practice Relaxation Techniques: There are a bunch of them on YouTube for free. All you need is a phone and internet

Art, Music, And Dance: “The capacity of art, music, and dance to circumvent the speechlessness that comes with terror” Bessel Van Der Kolk. The arts are becoming more popular as a form of trauma or stressful emotional treatment. Use expressive art, listen to music (uplifting music or whatever calms you down), sing, and dance till the sun sets. Expressive art is a great form of self-care.

Self-Care is whatever activity that makes you happy, calms you down, or refreshes you. Remember Self-Care is a part of a Wellness lifestyle

Let it go, breath it out, don’t let your heart be tested
Ease into this season, and let your soul be rested
Let hope lead, like the star in the North
Winter may be long but Spring is breaking forth

Lay it down, don’t let your energy be taken 
Rest in blossom of love and don’t be shaken 
Let hope engulf you like the universe 
For this too shall pass when the morning sun bursts 

In this season we need hope more than ever. For with hope we are reassured that nothing is impossible, and this too shall pass. Let’s breath in deep and release the uncertainties, the anxiety, fear, and doubts. Let’s fill ourselves with rest, peace, joy, hope, and faith into our minds, hearts and souls. 

Remember this – no matter how long the season it can never stop the next season of your life. Whatever has a beginning must have an end. Hold on to hope and do not lose heart. “Weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning” (Ps 30:5).

Stay Blessed!

You live in my heart.

Thoughts of you consume my mind.

I miss all you are. Helen J. Radford

Hello everyone, I just wanted to say how much I miss you all. I hope life is being kind and gentle with you all. It is the weekend, so take time to refresh and refill your tank. Your mental health matters, don’t forget to do the things that bring you joy. Remember there’s a well of joy within you, look no further but tap into it and spread joy wherever your feet carry you this weekend.

Stay blessed always!

There is no moment more precious than the exact moment you are living. And that exact moment has a lot to do with how future moments play out.  Obert Skye

Pay attention to time. Be in the moment. Time waits for no one. This should be our new mantra. If you love somebody, tell them now, do not wait.  Paul, in 2 Timothy 4, admonished Timothy to come visit him before winter and also warned him about the importance of living for now because time waits for no one.

Don’t wait too long for your calling, and/or destiny. Paul raised a man from the dead and then continued preaching. He remained in the moment. He knew how important that moment was to him and to the people who were with him. (Acts 20:7:38)

Live In The Moment – Be Present

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. Epicurus

Last year, I spent most of my time trying to live in the moment and focus on what matters. Though I did not achieve a perfect mindfulness lifestyle, I was more grounded than ever before, and it showed in many aspects of my life. This year I started focusing on growth and found myself drifting toward the future more often than not, and I can honestly tell the difference. I came to realize that talking about living in the present or in the now does not equate to actually doing it. Life gets busy and it is easy to go with the flow without pausing to pay attention to what really matters. Little by little I have become more future-orientated, talking without taking much action.

Paul used every moment in his life to serve the Lord, even in prison he did not waste his time. He gave it all, always present in what he did regardless of circumstance. It is no surprise that he wanted Timothy to pay attention to the seasons of life.

You can dance in the storm. Don’t wait for the rain to be over before because it might take too long. You can do it now. Wherever you are, right now, you can start, right now; this very moment. Israelmore Ayivor

Paul had gone through many trials but this time he knew his time had come. Whatever you have to do, do it now. Don’t wait too long. Don’t wait to say I love you to your wife, husband, children, partner, parents, friends, etc. This is a vital lesson for all of us to always treat others with love, kindness and respect and not postpone it until later. No one really knows the hour or time they will leave this world.

For example, Bishop T.D. Jakes in a recent sermon talked about awareness of the present moment can shift our understanding with our love ones. For example, when you realize that you’re not just living together with your spouse, but you are also dying together. You will begin to treat each other differently. That is why he said “If I were you, I wouldn’t wait too long”

Do Not Waste Your Time On Petty Things

You do not have time to be stubborn or judgmental because your time is too precious to waste. Instead, create moments.

  • What you are going to do, do it now
  • Whatever you’re to reach for, reach for it now
  • Whoever you going to love, love them now
  • Whoever you are going to hug or hold, hug and hold them now
  • Whatever you are to write, write it now
  • Whatever you’re going to preach, preach it now

I am glad that I watched Bishop T.D. Jakes sermon on Come Before Winter. I was reminded to pay attention to “the now”, to be purposeful with my life and the others around me. I hope it will inspire you too. Thank you for reading and happy weekend.

Bishop T.D. Jakes

Life is still good
Even when you don’t see the pathway for certain
And doubts seemed like an unequivocal burden
Take one step, then another, push through the despair
You have strength in your spirit while your lungs still have air

Life is still good Obstacles should not define your end but renew
Stand straight and face them with all that is in you
Mountains are meant to be climbed
Life will cheer for you when all else is behind

Life is still good
Don’t waste your life wondering about the ‘what ifs’
Take a chance and don’t be afraid to fall flat or miss
Don’t arrive at your grave with regrets like a hill
Life has a mission, so strive to achieve and fulfill

Life is still good
Do what you want as long as you give others the chance
Be authentic and vulnerable, and your strengths will enhance
Get over your mistakes, life rarely is neat But it is your canvas – erase, edit, draw, repeat

I want to live my life to the fullest and explore every possibility without letting fear and doubt hold me back. I want to be able to live by my own teaching or preaching. I realize that we humans can easily give advice and even encourage others to do things we may struggle to do or may never attempt to do in our lifetime.

That why I started 2020 on a very different note. In order to inspire others, you must be willing to get inspired yourself. I want to do the things that scare me and personal blogging is one of the ways because it is easier to just write what seems popular and appealing than to write for the healing of your soul and other souls too.

Let’s learn to uncover the layers in order to discover and learn to accept our true selves. Lets not just go through the motions but learn to enjoy the process and find out our true purpose or calling in life. Self-compassion is important, therefore practice self-compassion and give yourself a break whenever you do not meet your standard or societal standard. Perfection is a myth and is unattainable.

Life is a gift that we all must learn to enjoy and while figuring out its mystery and fulfilling our purpose. Let thy self flourish with what nourishes your body, spirit, soul, and mind as long you are allowing others to do the same. Create a safe space for yourself, your creativity and for others too. A life lived in the lens of mindfulness yields precious fruits for the owner and others around.

Happy Weekend, thank you for reading and stay blessed always.

“I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24

Doubt comes more often than not to steal our joy, and leave us in confusion. Sometimes it leaves us wondering about the truth of scriptures we read from the Bible. Yet honest doubt comes from deep thinking.

There lives more faith in honest doubt, believe me, than in half the creeds. Alfred Lord Tennyson

As a person engages in digesting information he or she recently received it leads to acquiring knowledge and with that knowledge comes wisdom. Through the process, it is normal to have questions and when answers are not readily available then comes doubt.

Sometimes doubts lead to deeper seeking and better answers. It is normal to have or entertain doubts as long as you do not let it draw you into the bottomless pit of insecurities and low self-esteem.

Doubts Can Stop You From Fighting The Good Fight

This notion was best illustrated by William Shakespeare when he said: “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt”. Quite often we retreat from tirelessly pursuing our dreams without even noticing that we are losing our passions and interests little by little. Sometimes you tell yourself not to give up but just can’t find a way out. You are not sure whether you can even do this, or if it is really worth it.

Most of us find ourselves battling these thoughts quite often. Some of us push through and accomplish dreams or goals despite the sickening snare of this enemy of progress.

You Have to Persevere in the Fight Within

I wish I could tell you that once you conquer doubt that it will never again come creeping through your mind, offering your suggestions that soon will cripple your dreams or goals if you fall on its trap.  But doubt will challenge you again.

That is why I believe that despite the many hindrances and obstacles you may stumble upon, the worst of all is doubt. Seek strength “…not to be greater than another, but to fight my greatest enemy, the doubts within myself“. P.C. Cast

Fight for your goals, dreams, and visions. Even when you’ve given up there is still hope to get on your feet and fight the “good fight of faith”. Remember, greater is He that is in you than He is that is in the world (1 John 4:4). You have nothing to lose when fighting for what you believe.

Do not fear doubt because anyone who thinks deep enough will experience doubt sooner than later, but know you are more than a conqueror and no weapon form against you shall prosper (Romans 8:37, Isaiah 54:17).

Remember This As You Fight Against Doubt

1. If it is not clear then it is not God
God has the ability to speak to you clearly. It may not be in the way you expected, it may not be audible, but his message to you will surely come across no matter what it takes or how long it takes. He is patient enough to wait for you.

2. Confusion and fear are not of God
The enemy comes with a little truth wrapped around a lot of lies. Satan is wise to know that if he comes with all lies then you would not listen to him but with a little truth he can create a “got you” moment. When he has your full attention, then he will disseminate the many lies hidden under the icing.

3. Do not doubt in the darkness what God revealed to you in the light
Give Hope a chance, even when there is only a pinpoint of light. Where there is even a small opening of light, Darkness must give way. Remember you are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14-16). So let your light shine bright and light up the pathways of others around you so that they may see the way and your father in heaven will bless you with an everlasting crown.

Learn to give hope a chance as many times as doubts come in
There is a process for everything in life. None of the heroes or heroines of the Bible skipped the process. Answer the call to your destiny and never let doubt stop you. If you want to beat doubt, then you have to stay on the battle line and continue the good fight of faith. Be a mighty conqueror and stand up to doubt over and over again.

Inspired from a sermon I had on Sunday. New Life Center, Pastor Kirk Gilchrist.

To love you means to shield you
I will be the shield that protects you

To love you means to treasure you
I will cherish you like a most prized treasure

To love you means to listen to you
I will be the organ of Corti and receive your every sound

To love you means to trust you
I will be your assurance and security

To love you means to have hope in you
I will be your cheerleader and anchor my hope in you through Christ

To love you means to persevere with you
I will be your ride or die partner through the joy and storms of life

To love you means to see God in you
I will seek God always in order to love you the way you deserve to be loved

Happy Valentine’s day to you all. Let love be as close as your breath. Let love cover you like the snow covers the fields and mountains. Let love run through you like your blood runs through your veins so that you will never be without love as long as you live.

This being human is a guest house. Every morning is a new arrival. A joy, a depression. A meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor…Welcome and entertain them all. Teach each guest honorably. The dark thought, the shame, the malice, them at the door laughing, and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.  – Rumi

Life is not easy and many are hurting and struggling with visible and invisible obstacles, and many suffer in silence everyday. They wear their smiles like a mask, itching to come home each evening to be their authentic selves. Do not let misery trap you.  Remember that emotions only visit temporarily. Baffle them with endless strength while listening to the message they have for you.

Using Words to Help Manifest My Calling

Blogging or writing helps me express the desire that stirs in my heart like an unquenchable fire burning to alleviate the pains and sufferings of others. Words are powerful tools and a single word can touch or calm a furious mind or hurting soul.

We use words to express the inexpressible when our brains freeze and we are overwhelmed by the world. Words are weapons for self-defense against intruders into our lives, like negative self-talk.  Words help us translate unbearable feelings that keep us in prison.  Once we can express our feelings with words, healing begins to take place.

Hoping To Touch Lives Through Words / Blogging

That is why I want to use words to alleviate the pains of others, to inspire and empower as many as possible. I hope to use words that resonate in hearts, knowing that everyone that reads them matters.

I started blogging wanting to share about cooking while exploring different cultures, but I realized that many minds are starved and in need of just one word that can touch their hearts to make them feel heard or seen by another. During my internship, the most rewarding moments were when I was seen as a source of hope and provided a safe place for my clients. That really stuck with me, and at the end, those were the moments recalled by my site supervisor and program director.

As time went on I slowly stopped blogging about food and started wanting to inspire others as I get inspired myself.  I want to use my words to touch another human, instill hope in them, and let him or her know that I am here and feel their pain in my own unique way.  I have had and still have my share of the bittersweet in life while pushing through the obstacles.  It is a lonely journey to walk by yourself.

Blogging To Find Myself & Connect With Others

People need people – for initial and for continued survival, for socialization, for the pursuit of satisfaction. No one – not the dying, not the outcast, not the mighty – transcends the need for human contact. – Irvin Yalom.

I blog to express myself as I continue figuring out who I am, knowing it is a process, sometimes frustrating yet at the same time exciting. For me, I use words to deal with both the excitement and frustrations that come with this process.

I blog to connect with others, it is beautiful when we do life together through the expression of our words. Modernization makes it possible for humans to connect in unique ways. While joining or finding a community is important, stay true to yourself. Finding and embracing your true self is my aim in this blog. Walking on a journey of self-authenticity as a unique individual who offers this world what no one else in this universe can offer is a deep reality for all human beings.

I blog to be able to say to that one person “Do what you want and stand tall, be authentic and learn to embrace vulnerability. Get over your past failures and mistakes. Life is your drawing board, erase the picture anytime it does not match or manifest your imagination and draw again. And be as relentless as life itself.”

I blog to inspire, motivate, empower,  encourage, to instill hope, to share life experiences and lessons, to express my creativity, and to build a community. I have a desire to see everyone flourish in their own ways by exploring their God-given talents for the benefits of humanity.

Thank you for reading, and have a great weekend.