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Life, Company, Together,

The birds flock in concert

And harmonize their chorus

Each with a measure of space

In tune with the ensemble

Life, Company, Together,
Photo by Birmingham Museum Trust on Unsplash

In life, we need each other to survive and create. When a predator sees a group of birds it knows success won’t come easily. If you attack one you face the wrath of all.

Another’s Encouragement

Sometimes when facing life’s challenges encouragement means more coming from others than from your self-talk. Hearing those words coming from a genuine heart replenishes a broken or hurting heart or soul.

We don’t need unison or sameness, but we can embrace each other and our imperfections while encouraging each other on the journey of life.

“Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” Thessalonians 5:11

Doing life together is never easy but there are many benefits in that unity of purpose. Let’s do life together like the birds, and let God be glorified. We all need each other and life needs company.

Thank you for reading. Stay Blessed Always!

8 thoughts on “Life Needs Company

  1. Perth Girl says:

    Such a good reminder. One of the pastors in our church always says that we might thing about a positive trait or character in a person but do not always verbalise it and end up missing out on encouraging that person. My pastor has a saying ‘ if you think it, then thank it.’
    May we be one another’s encouragement.

    1. ‘If you think it, then thank it’ What great advice and a great thing to do. Our encouragement can go a long way because you never know what a person is dealing with.

      You’re welcome, dear. Always appreciate your thoughtful insights 😊

  2. You are 100% right. We can’t survive living alone. We should extend our helping hands towards each other for our better survival. If we be selfish we might be finding ourselves alone,frustrated & no-one to accompany us —–one day. Love mankind to love God..

    1. Thank you, Debananda for your thoughtful insights. Indeed, we can’t love God without loving on each other.

  3. “But love is the Greatest’ for without love everything else is useless.

    I feel that this is a safe space you’ve created especially for me with this type of art. I wish I could paint this to be imagined on portrait and live on a life bases.

    ‘To go fast- go Alone .
    ‘To go far- go together with another.

    I wait for more like this from you .
    So interesting life theories guided by the scriptures.

    God Bless you for sharing and add you more wisdom to grow us mature, spiritually.

    1. Oh wow, I love this line of yours “To go fast – go Alone
      ‘To go far – go together with another.

      Well said, impressed by your insights.

      Thank you, dear. You’re always welcome 😊 Amen

      1. More than glad to stick around for a tit tot of good art daily😊😊

      2. Awesome, God never runs out of ‘Supply’. Thank you, dear, always nice to have you around 😊

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