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Seeking Wholeness, Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Exercise,
Seeking Wholeness, Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Exercise,
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When the body, mind, and spirit are healthy

Hope invites itself and make it’s home

There is fruitfulness where hope is plenty

Therefore, seek health and wholeness wherever you roam

May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul, and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it. 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24

It is the desire of God for you to be whole and complete, lacking nothing. God has promised to help you along the way, therefore seek health for your body, mind (soul) and spirit. Each of these members needs to thrive and flourish for you to be able to execute your purpose and calling in life.

Wholeness or wellbeing does not come from how well everything is going in our lives, but how we find comfort through it all. We what we can on our part, such as

* Eating healthy – Eating healthy varies from person to person and from one culture to another but you should know what “healthy food” means to you.

Seeking Wholeness, Mind, Soul, Body, Spirit, Exercise
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* Exercising – Staying fit is important for your body, mind, and soul. Your emotional health can benefit a lot from staying fit. There are various forms of exercise such as walking, running, or even doing house chores, etc. As long as your body is moving progress is being made.

* Meditation – Meditation for most Christians means reading scriptures (a chapter, verses, or a verse). And dwelling on them for a moment or throughout the day. In other words, pondering upon the words you’ve read and letting it or them turn into seed/s for understanding, growth, or healing. 

In conclusion, seeking wholeness through God and our daily activities can help you enjoy a more flourishing life, and where hope abounds your life becomes fruitful. Above all, you’ll house the Holy Spirit as the temple of God. Let’s learn to care for our bodies, minds (souls), and spirits as we allow hope to help us thrive through this difficult season.

Thank you for reading. Happy Wellness Wednesday. Stay Blessed Always.

13 thoughts on “Wholeness Through Hope

  1. “Wholeness or wellbeing does not come from how well everything is going in our lives, but how we find comfort through it all. ”

    Wow! You killed it ghel😍😍

    What a beautiful relative sermon .
    This should touch or even change a soul.

    You’re a great preacher and teacher😊😊

    I envy you a lot😂😂🤣 but with love .
    Thankyou for inspiring me. I hope am able to do all that it partakes to have a wellness of mind(soul) and body.

    God bless you🙏🙏

    1. Thank you, dear. You’re such a thoughtful person with great insights to offer.

      Amen, I’m honored by your compliments. But I’m still learning from people like you.

      Yes, you can, with God by your side nothing is impossible. It is a long process but achievable as far as our nature can allow us.

      God bless you, too 😊

      1. Haha ..this is about you .
        You are throwing the ball back to me .
        I think you just scored a great goal.
        I celebrate you for who you are ; becoming also.

        You’re a great writer , soon a philosopher.

        Amen to your kind words of encouragements and prayers .

        Am so much humbled (my simple man inside) is squeezed of Joy and happiness for having you in this community😊😊

        What a Friend?

        Stay well😊

      2. Thank you my dear.😊😂 You’re so kind and funny, indeed.

        Amen and amen, may God continue to watch over us as we’re learning and seeking his wisdom.

        I’m happy to have you as a friend on this platform as well. Stay blessed always!

      3. Stay safe Dear😊

  2. Deeply beautiful. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, dear😊

  3. Era says:

    Good one 👌

    1. Thank you, Era😊

      1. Era says:


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