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Change, Transformation, Conformity

She lives in red
Everything she wears is red
Her world is red and she sees everything in red
Until she meets blue, and red became purple

Now she is lost and can’t find red
Will red be overtaken and her world painted purple?
But red lives inside of her
Her blood is red and her veins know only red

She now lives in purple
Her world runs through purple
She dances to her favorite song purple music
Her mind is nourished by purple food
Will her inner world turn purple?

The words that flow from her heart are still red
When she bleeds it still runs red
Although purple dominates her external world
Yet, red is as strong as before
Purple claims control of her life
But she remains red, living in purple world

Conformity may take place but without inner transformation change is ineffective. Humans can only experience real change from the inside out, not the outside in. 

Thank you for reading and Happy Wellness Wednesday. Stay blessed always!

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