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Who am I?
A question I ask myself everyday
Somedays I think I know
And others I am stumped

But, seriously, who am I?
I screamed for an answer, only without words
Feeling the pounding of my heart eagerly anticipating the moment
Yet, I am left with more questions

I want to know who I am
Perhaps religion will tell me
The Bible says I am a child of God and my Maker is my mirror
I know, and I believe what it says I am
Yet my search for who I am never ceases

Who am I?
Do my personality, gifts, and talents hold the key?
Sometimes, I like to believe that, and other times I am not sure
When moments of incongruence surface
My truth-seeking side and my compassionate side clash more often than not
Leaving me wondering more than ever who I am, and my efforts crushed

How much of me is truly me
And how much of me is what society and culture instill in me
What is my own identity and what can lead me to discover who really I am
I look inside of me to find the one piece that confirms my perception of who I am
But it is like looking at a mirror covered with mud and at one glance I scream at who I see
And at other glace, the picture fades away abruptly

The more I try to figure out who I am
To try to clean the mirror and see clearly
the more of society’s opinions muddy the mirror, concealing my true identity
Now I am back at square one, trying to figure out who I am
The search intensifies, yet my desire to know me never dulls

Some will say, just look within yourself, the answer is there
And others will yield, oh no just follow the light
Meanwhile, I am wondering who is right and who is wrong
Distracting from my own search for my true self. Who I am.
When will I get my answer and debunk all the lies

While you wait to find your true self, know this one truth – you are more than the sum total of yourself. What they see or what you see and know about yourself is only a fraction of who you are. Don’t let anything or one put you down because of your current situation or circumstances in life. Hold your head up and keep moving even when it seems those whose approval you crave are sitting on their applause with mouths shut tight, without a single word of encouragement. Don’t let that hold you down because no one really knows what you have to offer the world or what legacy you will leave when you complete your mission on Earth. Therefore, trust God and keep believing. Your latter days shall be greater than your former days. Even when you are not sure of Who You Are, at least you know Whose You Are

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