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When we cannot find our way, you lead us
When the obstacles that stand before are insurmountable you clear the way for us
When our ways lead to a dead end you create another way
Waymaker that is who you are

When our hope is against the wall you come rushing like a mighty wind
When we think that the situations are impossible
You turn them around for our good
When we are hungry and left without provision
You create a miracle and provide for us
Miracle-Worker that is who you are

When we have lost all trust in everything
You rescue and restore us
When we wonder about your promises
You answer us and let them come to pass
When we think a situation is too big and there’s no way out
You comfort us with your mighty presence
Promise-Keeper that is who you are

When darkness is crawling around like a hungry wolf
Your light chases it away like a lion after its prey
When we are left in the dark places and cannot see our way
Your light shines brighter in our hearts and leads the way out
Light In The Darkness that is who you are


I have been so blessed by this song Waymaker for past few days. It is stuck in my head and I can’t seem to get it out. It is a powerful anthem and not just a worship song. Listen to it, and I hope it blesses you too. Meanwhile enjoy the poem it birthed.

It has various versions and was originally sung by a Nigerian singer Sinach Joseph. I listen to all of them, but I’m currently jamming to Leeland’s version – an American Christian artist.

Thank you for coming by, and I wish you a wonderful weekend. Please, feel free to comment and share😊.

Inspired by Sinach Joseph’s song: Waymaker

3 thoughts on “Waymaker ➡️ That Is Who You Are

  1. It’s truly a beautiful worship song. A great reminder that our best days are ahead of us through our Heavenly Father 🙂

    1. Thank you my dear. It is indeed a beautiful song and a reminder of God’s faithfulness😊. The best is yet to come😊❤

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