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A Great Life Doesn’t Happen By Accident. Deliberate, Intentional Living Is The Only Way To Get There. Jude M. King, PhD

Stephen R. Covey’s Time Management Matrix

Something is urgent when it requires immediate attention. Urgent stuff catch your attention and pressure you. The trap is that many of them are easy, or funny, or popular, but they are unimportant.

Something is Important when it contributes to your medium and long term goals, to your life purpose. You need to be proactive not to neglect the activities that are important but not urgent, since they will not demand your attention. If you ignore them, they eventually will become urgent, and this behavior will lead you to a vicious circle involving living always in reactive mode, in a continuous crisis.

If you pay too much attention to Quadrant I (urgent and important things), it will become increasingly larger and will dominate your life completely. Quadrants III and IV include things that, urgent or not, do not matter. Effective people spend more time in Quadrant II, minimize the time spent in Quadrant I, and do not worry too much about Quadrants III and IV.

In Quadrant II (important, but not urgent things) lies the heart of effective personal management. Here are the things that allow you to live and act preventively, seizing opportunities rather than solving problems. Things like creating and reinforcing personal relationships, exercising, long-range planning, learning, etc. To move toward this quadrant, you must first be clear about what your priorities are, and then you must learn to say no to other activities, some of them urgent and apparently important. Francisco Sáez @franciscojsaez

Thanks for reading, I read this piece and find it interesting and wanted to share it with you. Happy Thursday:)

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