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The anchor of our soul

Hope is the root that holds everything together 
Hope never betrays nor changes like the chameleon 
Your color remains the same 
 The world exists because you live 
 You may not stop the catastrophes of this world yet you restore
 Like running waters with your touch as gentle as the morning whisper 
 Your steps sound quiet as an ant yet exhibit power like an elephant 
 You clothed the world with an endless wrap of love and faith
 The three of you make this world vibrant and flourishing
 A cord of three, the unbreakable
 The maintainer of our existence. Who can stand against you?
 Fear cannot stand against you and doubt crumbles before your throne
 Find the destitute and give them a purpose to live for
 For life without meaning is hopelessness, yet you are the anchor to the hopeless
 Hold them with unyielding grip for you are the glue that holds everything together
And your name is Hope

3 thoughts on “Hope Has One Color

  1. 🙂 Hope is a thing with feathers — Emily Dickinson

    1. One of my favorites poets.

    2. It can help you fly. Thanks for sharing so insightful.

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