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Love Seals Us Together

He looks into my eyes and sees softness
Softness like the skin of a newborn baby

He looks into my eyes and sees gentleness
Gentleness like the streams of the river of life flowing from heaven to earth

He looks into my eyes and sees purity
Purity like the virgin. Untouched and untarnished, kept for her lover to cherish

He looks into my eyes and sees joy.
Joy that overshadows the pain of uncertainty of his love for her

He looks into my eyes and the four lock together and entangle for life with the shield of the mighty one. Let no one cause separation for it is beautiful and beyond description. Revealing the everlasting union, unbearable, untouchable, unstoppable yet attainable with only surrender to the Mighty One.

Inspired By My Husband

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    1. Thank you, and amen.

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