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That Is What Mortals Misunderstand. They Say Of Some Temporal Sufferring, “No Future Bliss Can Make Up For It” Not Knowing That Heaven, Once Attained, Will Work Backwards And Turn Even That Agony Into A Glory.

C.S. Lewis

We Shall Draw From The Heart Of Suffering Itself The Means Of Inspiration And Survival.

Winston Churchill

Our Convenience Causes Atrophy Of What Needs To Grow, While, On The Other Hand, We Thrive In The Unfamiliar And Unstable Atmosphere Of Cultivation.

T. D. Jake’s – Crushing

2 thoughts on “Strength In Endurance = Beauty For Ashes

  1. Alagi Joof says:

    Thanks alot for the educational techniques and teaching you given us , we appreciate all of your sentiments and guidance, we will try to used this advisory teachings and knowledge of yours to better our lives.
    YA BAAH!!!

    1. Marie Cook
      Marie Jeanderine Cook says:

      Thank you Alagi. It is an honor to be able to inspire others as I get inspired too.

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