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Each Mistake Is An Opportunity To Make A Good Mistake. It All Depends On How You Handle It. A Good Mistake Provides A Number Of Valuable Opportunities:

To increase your understanding by knowing how a client (a friend, an employee, a spouse) reacts to something you have said or done that has offended or hurt him or her.

To deepen your connection with the client (friend, employee or spouse) via your acceptance of their perceptions, feelings, and your ability to accept responsibility for what you have done.

To allow them to experience a person of authority who does not have to always be right at their expense.

To increase an interpersonal connection for your client (employee, friend or spouse) to experience the cycle of rupture and repair within a sustained relationship.

Louise Cozolino – The Making Of A Therapist

This is meant for a relationship between a therapist and his or client but it can be applied in different relationship dynamics. Treat everyone with love, and respect. Admit your mistakes and use it as an opportunity to turn it into a good mistake. By learning from it and taking your time to understand why the person is offended or hurt about whatever you’ve said or done. No one is a blank slate, we all have been stained from something in our past.

Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31

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